Monday, 28 January 2013

A new droid is born.

Back panel construction

Water spray and gas spray system installed

Head flap system

New toy, Spektrum DX18

Inside head and slip ring

New eye

New shoulder bolts

Built in charging system

Center eye laser

Stared on the weathering

Main utility arm

Side scrolling red LED

Back panel

Almost there with my T3:E1, C.I.D. Most of the major construction is now complete and all that is really left to do is cosmetic.


  1. Hi, my name is Jose, I write from Spain, I like your projects, the stargate has impressed me, and t3 is perfect, I like, they are a big fan of starwars and stargate. I wanted some time to make a t3, but did not find levels of construction, my question is, you have plans? not if you'll read this but appreciate. if you had plans, my email is djdaedalus@hotmail.es.
    sorry for my English, translated by google. goodbye.

  2. Great Job. Much further then I got. If you get any plans, Please share..

  3. Email: katytech@gmail.com